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Brielle (T-part ) lace wig

Brielle (T-part ) lace wig

Colour: The brown/blond colour of this wig adds a touch of elegance to your overall look.

Maximum Heat: With the ability to withstand heat up to 180 degrees, you can style your hair in any way you want without worrying about damaging the wig.

Fits Any Head Size: This synthetic lace front wig is designed to fit any head size comfortably and securely, so you can wear it with confidence all day long.

The soft and natural feel of this T-part lace front wig makes it look like your own hair. The high-quality synthetic material used in its construction ensures that it lasts long while maintaining its shape and style.

Hair Care:

To keep your Brielle (T-part) lace front synthetic wigs looking great, we recommend washing them regularly using mild shampoo and cold water. After washing, gently pat dry with a towel before air-drying or blow-drying on low heat settings only.

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